29 July 2007

Camping Trip!

Anne and I had a day off together on Friday, so we went camping on Thursday night, so we could go on a big bike ride on the Katy trail on Friday morning. It was splendid. We stayed in Matson, and rode to Marthasville. 17 miles each way.
Not much else of interest.

Git R dun.

I am forced to conclude that medium brown is somehow a superior color for the letter "R" than the more common black. At least in rural America.

23 July 2007

LOTR party

Last Weekend Anne and I went to a LOTR theme party. It was fun, but grueling. We watched all three movies intersperced with slide shows from the host's trip to New Zeland this summer. The party went from ~1pm to ~2:30am. There were some (really) annoying guests, which was okay I guess. Anne had to work, so we had to rush home in the morning, but that was okay.
Yay party!

As a sidenote, I just got onto Mybookmarks.com. It seems really cool. Now I can store bookmarks to access when it's slow at work. Yay!

20 July 2007


I have finally gotten around to listing a bunch of my tools and misc. armour on the Armour Archive. This has been a very melancholy experience. On one hand, bigger and better things. Bicycles certainly pay a lot better than armour ever did. I'll get free trips to places like Europe rather than KC or Pennsylvania. On the other hand, we fear change. I miss making armour. I can't take as much pride in my work. I'm not making something out of nothing. So, some good, some bad. When you open one door, you can't help but close a different one. I'd like to make armour as a hobby. Maybe someday I will.

11 July 2007

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted.

So, I have lost track of my blog I guess.
I have been busy, but that's really no excuse, is it?
I went to visit my relatives on my Dad's side last weekend. There were 31 Romines there. That's a whole lot of Romines. It was pretty fun until the cops showed up. Work at the bike shop goes more or less well. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes enjoyable, it beats working in a cubicle.

Our van had some malfunction, so I've been riding my bike to work this week. Whoof! Two days this week I went 15 miles round trip, and today I went ~7, then got a ride home with Anne. Between the ride, and working on my feet 8 hours, my legs are pretty tired.