25 April 2007

Big Doin's

So, it looks like the job is gone. Some B*S*, Huh?
Laminator_x's wheelchair ramp is built, and is wonderful.
Other big goings on in my life, there will be a full update when I have more information.

18 April 2007

stupid crap!

So, I started an entry on Friday, but I was unable to complete it until today.
On Thursday, I started going around with resumes looking for a job.
On Friday morning, the first place I stopped, they offered me one!
Damn! I couldn't believe my luck. The guy (the owner) told me that I was hired, and I could start Monday.
On Monday morning, I filled out some tax forms and waited to see where I would go. This place is a small chain, and they have stores across the greater St. Louis area.
After an excessive amount of rigmarole, which I won't go into here, now I'm "probably hired"

What kind of BS is that, I ask you!?
and what does "probably hired" mean anyway?

So, for the past couple of days, I've been alternating between being frustrated, depressed and very angry. I'm only now clear and calmed enough to post. I'm not sure exactly what I ought to do now, but this morning I got back on the horse and went around to another couple places.

I guess in the long run, this place may only have been a minor hitch in job hunting, but... Goddamit!

17 April 2007

13 April 2007

Crazy day!

After extended thought on the matter, and for many and varied reasons, I decided to take a break from armouring. I may not go back to it full time.
Based on that, it was time to look for a different job.
How much of who I am do I have invested in what I do? Less than most people think I do, but more than I would like.
You are not what you do.

09 April 2007

My second favorite sandwich

I'm making turkey reubens for supper tonight.
They are my second favorite sandwich.
My favorite? The ACTUAL reuben of course.
Unfortunately, we have no corned beef in the house. I'll have to settle for turkey reubens.

I'm sorry this is such a boring entry, but I really don't have much to say right now.

08 April 2007


There is something about techno music. Specifically Drum n' Bass and hardcore. As an old friend of mine put it; "It's good for the soul." There is something tranquil in it. I know that sounds strange, but it certainly calms me.
I was talking with Anne last night, and I cant' really quantify my thoughts effectively right now.
I hope that I will have some better idea of how to phrase what I'm talking about one day.

06 April 2007


Wednesday night, Anne and I played DBA. It was good. We played some Alexandrian Successors.
I used my skirmishers to screen my pikes long enough to form them up from a column, so she couldn't hit me before my pikes were in position. She attempted to flank my pike formation with some light infantry from the south, but I countered that with a unit of Knights. They slaughtered the light troops like nobody's business. My plan had been to flank her forces on the north with my cavalry, but they did not made it through the forest in time. I should have put my light infantry there to filter through the woods.

The battle was won and lost by control of the flanks. Giant pike blocks basically have big shoving matches. Nobody will really win if both sides have some movement points to throw around.

So, it was a good time. Yay wargaming!

Health care in the US

Our health care system is broken.
Something must happen with it. We have the worst health care system of any industrialized country in the world. The worst. We pay the most, and derive the least benefits from it.
It's time to change something.