18 December 2006

Kris Kinder Update

Kris Kinder was a success! I sold quite a bit of armour and such, and talked with a bunch of people. In some ways K. K. is one of my favorite events. I have a relatively comfy place to sit, while everybody I know wanders by to talk to me. Also I get to spend the day talking about armour. On the other hand, being outgoing all day really wears me out. I am always exhausted for a couple days afterword.

In other news,
Anne is finishing her semester this week. Her giant paper is due later today, along with most of her grading. I helped her stay up really late last night finishing the grading. It was a little miserable, but actually pretty fun. I haven't stayed up all night working on something in a really long time. Though I realize this morning why I don't just stay up all night for fun. It kind of hurts the next day.

07 December 2006

Pictures as promised

Here we go, only a little late.

I'll have more early next week, and hopefully a full rundown on how Kris Kinder went.

06 December 2006

The point of this weblog

Wow. It's been a long time since I posted. There is not much interesting going on these days.
I have found a new online comic. It's called "questionable content" Funny Funny stuff.
Also, as per the original purpose of this weblog, I have some new armour to show off.
I don't have any new pictures, but I plan to bring some home with me today, and take pictures!
I'll post them tonight if you're lucky!

Other than getting ready for Kris Kinder, I have nothing interesting going on in my life.
Anne is crazy writing papers, I'm crazy working on armour.
In a couple weeks, our lives will go from crazy busy to boring.
Then I still won't have much to say.