30 June 2006

My letter to Mr. Bush

The United States tortures prisoners. They drown them. They hurt them with dogs. They kill them. They threaten to hurt, drown, kill, etc. CHILDREN.
Sure, Terrorists hurt children, too.
Once, citizens of the US could take some comfort in the fact that they WERE NOT terrorists.
They were on the side of good. The good guys.

I've got news.

The good guys don't hurt Children.

I live in the US. I'm not very patriotic, but I decided that I had to do something.
Not much, but I sent a letter to Mr. Bush.

I've included a copy of it here.

Dear Mr. President,
I have been shocked and alarmed to hear the news lately. Once The United States was a bastion of freedom. It was the land of liberty and Justice. The people of my country could feel that they were on the side of good.

Now we torture people. We threaten to harm children.

These acts make no better than barbarians. If you are 10% as moral as you claim to be, you will take some action immediately.

I am ashamed to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Brian Romine

You know what? I AM ashamed to be a citizen of the US, if that's the best we can do.

27 June 2006

We sold our house.

We sold our house.
It was on the market for three weeks, and now we have a contract. Closing will be on July 14. We're moving out on July 9. Wow. That's soon. I'm off to go make some armour here in a few minutes. Not a lot to say, but quality over quantity. :)


21 June 2006

Gauntlet Pictures!

I finally uploaded my pictures, so here's some pictures of the gauntlet I finished last week.
I sent it to my father for his birthday and father's day. He has been very excited about hourglass gauntlets, and now has one of his own.
He is really happy about it.

13 June 2006

Back to work!

I have enough time to go make some armour this week!
It has been a while with packing and getting the house ready to sell and everything.
I forgot how much I like making armour.
Hopfully I'll have pictures soon.

05 June 2006


We have been very busy, but we finally managed to take a bit of a break yesterday.

The weekend before Last weekend (Memorial day Wkend) Anne and I went to St. Louis looking for an apartment. We used Rent.com and the Apartment Guide. We armed ourselves with a map and many appointments. What did we find? crraap. The apartments we saw were all in giant complexes, run down, and little, and expensive. On sunday Laufersweiler and Wendy helped us look. We left equipped with only a general idea of the areas we might like. we found hundreds of phone numbers. No offices were open since it was Memorial Day weekend, but we resolved to return again, this time bearing many more appointments.

We returned to St. Louis on Friday (Anne's immediate boss being about the coolest boss ever) and saw many more apartments. They were on averege about 200 square feet bigger, much nicer, much cooler, and ~$100/mo. cheaper. Most importantly, it was the putative landlord who did the showing instead of some office flunky. That seems good.

"So, what", you ask, is the upshot? We put in an application, and a security deposit on a 1br, 5 room apartment in a four family building in the "Southwest garden" neighborhood. then we went out with Anne's brother, Mark, for celabratory Chinese buffet.

We were so pleased with our progress, that on Sunday we decided to go hiking. We really like going, but haven't really had a chance since Febuary. On sunday, we didn't really get the ideal early start that I prefer, but we left the house by about 8:30. That got us out on the trail at ~9:00, which is just fine. It was a beautiful day. It was hot, but not too hot, and we didn't step into any major nests of seed ticks. We were both really surprised at how much better we felt when we got home. It was really great, except now I want to go hiking again this weekend, but we probably won't have time.

This has been a really long entry. I have to finish cleaning the house so it can have a showing.
I've included a picture from the trail we went on yesterday. It's one from Febuary, hopefully I'll get the pictures out of the camera from yesterday soon.