30 September 2007

Great Weekend!

Anne and I had a really good weekend! Our friends Miranda and Shaun came to visit. We went to Soulard Market, had a picnic in the park, and all took a nap in the afternoon. It was good.
After they left, Anne and I watched a movie on the couch, it was good. I think that this morning before I have to go to work, we're going to go couch shopping. It is time for a new couch.

27 September 2007

obligitory blog post

*insert seemingly deeply philosophical but ultimately meaningless trite here*

So, I thought about posting one of those "here is what I think about the world" posts on my way to work this morning, but decided they are usually trite.

The owner at work has threatened to promote me. It would mean more money and working in a store I like better than the one I'm at now. Anne is very excited about the possibility, I am very ambivalent. I'll send updates.


25 September 2007

Witness my Splendor and Tremble!

I have finished (for now) my new bike!
When I deign to provide you with pictures, you will stand in Awe at it's awesomeness.
It's a 1977 Ross Super Grand Tour.
It has been converted to a fixed gear.

lots of new parts, it has full Ultegra braking, and custom hand-built wheels with cool Surly hubs.

24 September 2007

Camping Trip pictures

We got some decent pictures from our camping trip the other weekend. We didn't make it as far as we had intended. We got a late start Friday night, and it was very cold. Saturday was beautiful, but we suffered technical difficulties. I broke a spoke on my bike almost immediately. Unfortunate. It took much of the day to get it fixed. We decided to hang around in Dutzow to watch the Tour of Missouri. That was great! I'm really glad that we got to see it.

More pictures on Flickr! Go see them.

Diner with friends!

Last night, Anne and I had dinner over at a friends house, it was a really good time.
We ate some steak and some asparagus, then we had some hanging out.
Stephen and Stacey are very cool, and Stacey has a blog. You should read it.
When you work most Saturdays, weekends are different. I have off Sunday and Monday this week. So, yesterday was "Saturday" and today is "Sunday" Very confusing as it's actually Monday. I can never quite remember what day it is anymore.

If Anne and I really lucky, we'll have some friends come this coming weekend. I haven't seen them in what seems like a long time. Miranda and Shaun are also very cool. And Miranda has a blog. Also on blogspot, go figure.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures from our camping trip last weekend up soon.

14 September 2007

Really Good Coffee!

I just had a cup of coffee that was roasted yesterday.
It was Really Really good. Mmmm Coffee.

As a side note, happy birthday to me!
It was actually the 12th. :)

12 September 2007

Goin' Camping !!!

I'm going camping this weekend!
I can hardly wait!

On the downside, I will miss the Tour of Missouri. :(
But, I can't be everywhere at once. Oh, well.

I will post pictures here when I get around to it.