13 August 2009

Letter to my Senators

This is a copy of the letter I sent to my senators.

First of all, I would like to say that I am a voting Missouri resident.
Second, I would like to share with you my thoughts on health care.
We have a tough decision to make regarding health care. This decision cannot be put off any longer than is has already. We need to decide if we want to join the ranks of the preeminent industralized nations of the world or if want to languish in squalor.
Health care has become unaffordable for all but the wealthy in the United States. We must access to health care open to all citizens of the United States.
Our only alternative is to admit that we have faltered and that we are no longer a country of equals, but that we are stratified into a ruling bourgeois and a proletariat.

Really, That's all I have to say on the issue.

11 August 2009

too much espresso...

I've had too much espresso this morning.

The espresso has had a bit of a bitter taste lately which is not my favorite.
I blame an itenerant batch of Columbia. Not the usual stuff, it was organic instead of our usual excelso. Anyway, it's gone, replaced with a Peru. That has made the bitter taste dissappear.
So, when I got here I had a double shot. It was so yummy I had to follow it up with another one. Then a couple of people ordered drinks with odd numbers of shots, leaving one left over from each. Cant' let those go to waste.

So, I'm a bit jittery this morning.

07 August 2009

July! July! July!

Has never seems so strange?
Anne and I went on vacation in July, and I took over roasting at Northwest.

And, I rode a bicycle across Missouri! Ha!
I will say that for an epic ride in July, it was not too hot, not too rainy and very nearly perfect.
I will also say that there are apparently mosquitos large enough to have stripes along the Missouri river. Seriously, I would have thought they were mosquitohawks if it had not been biteing me.

You can read more about the trip on my other blog. It's invitation only, so if you are reading this, just email me (Brian dot Romine at gmail) and I'll send you an invitation.