20 October 2008


I've started my new job.
And they're open for business.
I'm going to be wrenching about 1/2 time and barista-ing the other half.
It will be good to change things up some.

There is a catch, though. It is currently 5:20 in the am. I have to be at work in about half an hour. I can count the times I've gotten up this early since I was in college on one hand. It hurts.


03 October 2008

Goodbye old job!

My paycheck bounced today.
I got it on the first, but knew it was a little bouncy. They asked me to wait until this morning to cash it. At noon, I went to get the monies, and the bank declined to. The secretary told me to wait until Monday.
So, I quit. It leaves my direct co-workers in a bit of a bind, but the owner put them there, not me.

This gives me an unexpected few days off before I start my new job.

01 October 2008

Other big news

My other news: I'm changing jobs! I'll be working at Velocity, a new bike/coffee shop in the CWE. It means a cut in pay, but my commute will be about 5 miles instead of about 20. That means bike commuting. Lots! On my new LHT! Which is built up and awesome! In fact, it is the R0X0rs. I would like to post pictures. It may also have a name. More on that later.