10 January 2009

The Distant Future the year 2000

Working in a bike shop in the winter kinda sucks.

God, I'm bored. The third 8 hour shift this week in which I haven't had anything to do.


At least things are busy at the other job.

08 January 2009

So, have you heard this new guy speak?

I heard a press confrence from the new guy, Obama, yesterday.

It was great! As I listened to the radio, I tried, but I couldn't.

I tried to imagine Obama giving the speech with a beer can in his hand.

I could not. Try it sometime. Try it with one of jr. speaking. Be warned, though, after you imagine jr. giving a speech with a beer can in hand, it's hard to stop.

It's pretty damn refreshing to know we're going to be getting a president who's not a drunk frat boy dumbass.

College and papers

So, this post won't be about what you expect.
Some people, who shall remain nameless, are in college, but insist on using wide rule paper. WTF? Stop and take a moment to consider the poor college rule maker. He slaves and slaves so that college students can write on their own special paper. He knows that they deserve it, they have learned to write both quickly and smally. But no, by using wide-rule paper, his efforts are spit upon.

Use college rule paper! It's for America!