28 November 2008

how have we come to this?

Really, What do you say?



23 November 2008

New (ish) project for me.

I have launched a new project this fall. I have been keeping a log of my driving miles. With an eye to reducing my overall time in a car, and the amount of gas I use, I thought this seemed like a good first step.

I started a couple of weeks before I left TC, as a control as it were.

I dont' have the log here with me tonight, so actual numbers will have to wait.

19 November 2008

Coffee bikes and juries.

Many updates to be had.
I had jury duty last week. They kept me for a couple of days, then they let me go without being on a jury. The defendant beat up his girlfriend, including using a bat. (!) she wants to go back to him, so the defense really needs to appeal to the emotions of the jury. I think they threw anyone off who seemed smart. Ah, well. I served my civic duty anyway. Yay civic duty!

A new opportunity came my way last week also. I'm a barista at Northwest Coffee now. I'm working at Velocity part time on bikes, and at Northwest instead of my cafe shifts. This is awesome. I'll get to learn how to repair espresso machines, and Eric (the boss at NW) knows more about the science of coffee than about anybody. That will be great.

That's all for now. Really it's not, I have lots to say, but I'm busy. :P

12 November 2008

best meme evaer!

If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?
Answer me, then post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.

04 November 2008

I voted.

So, I went to cast my ballot for Truth, Justice, and The American Way.
But I had to say "No, Mr. Nader, I voted for you once, and it has caused me no end of trouble!"

So, I'm sorry Mr. Nader, but I didn't vote for you this time.

As an old friend said "There's not always a Democrat to vote for, but there's always a Republican to vote against."

03 November 2008

02 November 2008

Halloween update

I had a great Halloween!
I had to work until 9:30, but a gang of us went on a post-work bike ride. We wore costumes and drank beer. It was good. Fewer than the ideal number were there, but that was okay. We rode to get beer. I bought a can of Sapporo. Japans oldest brand, apparently. It was okay, and the can fits just right into a bottle cage. Cool!
We went to the Atomic Cowboy. They wanted a cover charge, and we paid it before I managed to object. It was really crowded, but fun. There is discussion of making this a regular ride. Like the FBC in miniature. Cool.