26 April 2009

Show me the way to go home.

I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

I had a little drink about an hour ago
and it seems to have gone to my head.

Anne and I had a great time tonight. We set out at five, planning to drink beers and eat burgers. About ten miles of biking, Seven hours, many beers, two burgers and lots of visiting friends later, we have succeeded. Very tired. But all in all, just what was needed.

Well, this is it. I'm signing off.
I hope you come to visit. or write.

See you next week.

25 April 2009

Zero Miles

I have had a zero miles of driving week. I know it doesn't end until tomorrow, but anyway.
Zero miles. I have actually not started the car since a week ago Monday.
Yeah! Success!

22 April 2009

Earth Day and a game!

First, it's Earth Day, horray! I guess. I'm pretty ambivalent about having an "Earth Day" It implies that we don't care about Earth the other 364. Meh. It's probably a good thing. And, yes, I did ride my bike to work today, but not because it's Earth Day.

Second, I ride my bike a lot. On the street. People in cars (or on the sidewalk) shout things once in a great while. Less than you'd think. Sometimes it's rude, sometimes it's nice. Sometimes it is mystifying.
So! I have a comments mad-lib kind of game for you to play.

This morning, I was on Vandeventer about to go under the 44 overpass. I had a red light, it turned green. The line of cars westbound still had a red light. Some guy shouted something out of his car. I'm about 90% sure it was directed at me. Unfortunately, I only understood a bit of it.

That's where the game (and you) come in!

So, what I gathered was "________ __________ (is or it's) a Car! Waaaaagh!!!" Imagine this accompanied with leaning out the window and flailing arms.
So! What do you think he said?

20 April 2009

Mileage project update

As you may know, I've been tracking the miles I drive my car for some time.
About 6 months. I stated in this post that I expected to have a zero mile week in the next month.
Well, that hasn't worked out as such. I have had no zero mile weeks in the past month. Last week was my best, twelve.

That's right. I drove 12.0 miles last Monday, and I have not started the car since. I'm pretty pleased with that despite not having achieved my zero mile week.


14 April 2009


I have been thinking lately about communications technology. I think that it has fundamentally changed how we communicate with other people.
Is it more efficient? Certainly.
Is it faster? Yes, of course.
Does it provide more quality in our communications? No.

Bottom line: Is it better? I don't know.

I've decided. I'm taking it back.
I'm going to stop it all.

For a week I won't communicate with anyone electronically.
I'll turn off my phone. I won't post on my blog. I won't read blogs.
I realize that it may have to happen at work, but that cant' be helped.

This absolutely does not mean I want to be a shut-in. I like talking to people. I enjoy communication. So, please, that week, swing by where I work. I'll buy you a cup of coffee, my door will be open. Stop by my house. I'll show you what I've put in my garden and give you a beer. If you live too far away, send me a letter. I'll send you one back.
I would like very much to have an actual conversation. With you. Really, if you read my blog, take this seriously. Stop by. Or let me know, maybe I'll come calling at your house.

It will be April 26-May 2. I am going to tell my friends and family who don't read my blog.
I would encourage you all to do the same.

01 April 2009

Coffee Roasting!! Go!

Eric, the master roaster is out of town this week.
I'm in charge of the coffee in his absense.

If you drink some NW coffee purchased between Tuesday and next Monday, I roasted it. :) '8r)