13 November 2006

New Churburg book!

I got my new Churburg book today!
I got my new Churburg book today!
It came via fedex about 15 min. ago!
OMG it's great! OMG IT'S GREAT!


07 November 2006

Diane Rehm Show!

My email was read on the Diane Rehm Show!
Now all 29 other fans of NPR know and can share in my pain!
You can listen to it here.
Over all, it's not just all that exciting, but I emailed her with more or less the text of my last post.
Very Exciting!

I'm mad as hell!

There were some problems at my polling place. Everyone in the Gardenside subdivision (a heavily democratic area) within St. Louis city has their name in the same book, so my Anne and I had to wait an hour in line while the four other lines in the polling place had no lines at all. The line was nearly twice as long when we left at 8:00am than it had been an hour earlier.

In talking with my 50 new friends in the line, I found out that no-one or nearly no-one in the Garden district had recieved voter registration cards, sample ballots, or indeed any information at all from the board.

The poll workers were also asking for photo ID. I don't know if that really matters, since nobody had voter ID cards anyway.

The line snaking it's way all the way around the room had the effect of Not providing any privacy for folks voting.

Was this a plot to supress Democratic votes? I'm not sure.
On the other hand, I'm not sure it wasn't. It sure smells funny.

02 November 2006


Feminists make me grumpy. (feminists in general, not friends who happen to also be feminists)
I am in favor of equal rights, for men and women (pretty much everybody, really)
In fact, I am very firmly and strongly in favor of equal rights and fair treatment for everybody. But as far as I can tell, Feminsm is not about equal rights or fair treatment. It's about "girls are great because boys are so stinky" and about some weird sort of turning the tables to objectify/belittle men. That I'm not in favor of. Any more than I'm in favor of belittleing women.
It seems to me that if something is out of balance in the way people are treated, the answer is not to swing everything too far the other direction, but to balance it.
Also, there really are biological differences between men and women. I heard a feminist writer decrying the inherent unfairness of annual pap smears for women, but not men. men just can't get cervical cancer. Try as you might, it just won't happen.

To be perfectly clear -- I am in favor of equal treatment for everybody. Health plans that cover Viagra, but not Mamograms? That's not right, and I'm against it.

Maybe I'm wrong about feminism in general, and only extremists make me grumpy.

(extremists DO in fact make me grumpy)

01 November 2006

Armour of the month update

Well, the AOTM results are in, and I made a good showing, but the bascinet won. It was well deserved. Here's a picture.

Isn't that nice thing?

TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR: I did not make this. Jeff Wasson did. It's really really nice. I have included it here because I am very impreessed.