26 October 2006


To compensate for my not posting much lately, I'm posting twice in one day!
So, I like Flickr! I liked it so much I started an account. my Flickr account is here
You can see many cool pictures that I am too lazy to post on my blog.

Here you can see pictures from my friend Laminator_X. He's very cool, and a much much better photographer than I am. Well, he's a very good photographer, and I have a camera.

I hope that I manage to keep up on the whole Flickr thing, it could easily become a big catalogue of armour I have made that anybody can look at. That would be pretty great. I might have to start doing some photo editing to mark my photos, though. That would be a pain in the butt, and sort of sad. So I'm not going to start now, I think.

I'm Brian Romine and I approve this message.

Here it's election season, I couldn't resist.

Armour of the Month

I entered the Armour Archive “Armour of the month” contest in October!

The piece I entered was the 1050 legs that I made for Duke Garrick.

I'm in the five finalists, but I'm not going to win.
I'm okay with that. You can see the finalists here

The bascinet that is going to win should, It is the nicest piece in the contest. You don't see reproductions of that visor very often.

This has been fun. I think I may enter again.


13 October 2006


I watched the movie "Timeline" this week. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

In fact, possibly for the first time ever in the whole world, I thought it was better than the book. Not because it was good. It was only 90 min. long, so it didn't have time to annoy me with the stupidness that the book was so full of.
Chriton was a good author once, the Andromeda Strain, Congo, the first Jurassic Park movie -- All good. His new stuff is mostly crap.

Some of the armour in the timeline movie was really good. Some, eh, not so much.

05 October 2006

My adventure this morning

On the way to the gym this morning, I passed a guy talking on his cell phone. He was saying "I'm gonna shoot me a fucking nigger this morning" I stopped and I was trying to decide wether I could smash his head into the side of the Coronado building before he got a good look at me, but Anne grabbed my arm and pulled me off.
Probably for the best. My plan would have ended in tears.
besides, I'm a delicate blossom.

On the up side, I'm pretty grateful to Mr. Turd. I had about the best weight lifting session I have had in years.

Then I went to the heat treating company, and met with my contact guy. I think I'm going to start outsourcing my heat treating.

03 October 2006


My wife, Anne, is great.
She's everything I could ever hope for in a best friend or companion.
That's all I have to say. Mostly, I'm pretty boring.