27 February 2007


My brother in law, Mark, has gotten us excited about sushi. He has made it for us a few times.
So, Anne and I have been making sushi some. I took some pictures last time.

This was the first time we made Sashimi, which is sushi with fish. The pink bits there are the tuna. Raw tuna is much different than the stuff out of the can. It's very good, and very tender. Yum!

09 February 2007

Just checking in

I'm just checking in. I don't have too much to say.
I've got a couple (well, three) helmet in the works that are going to range from very nice to very splendid. Seriously, if the one turns out like I expect, it will be very cool.

I'm home to work on a bunch of etching today. I have an order for etched brass trim.
I suspect I may under-charge on that. I'm going to use this as a test case to see if it's losing me money.

Things are boring here. I got a catalog from Rio Grande yesterday. (that's the Jeweler's supply company I have dealt with in the past)
It was very nice. Not a thing I want in it, but very tasteful. It looks like a magazine. Not like these crappy Enco catalogs. They look like a grocery ad.
The Rio Grande catalog had some cool (and very nice) hammers in it. Unfortunately, all the hammers they sell look great in photos, but are secretly only about 1/8 the size a real person wants. I guess that's appropriate for jewelers. It's annoying to me, because good raising hammers are hard to find at more than about 6 oz.

02 February 2007

Showing Flickr a little love

I'm uploading some pictures to Flickr even as I type.
I really should be updating my website, but I've been distracted as I go through pictures.

See them here

The website is about to undergo some major changes. The exact nature of these changes is still a secret. But it will be cool.

A sad irony.

So, I heard an interview with Rush Limbaugh the other day.
I realized that he is not a pundit. Or a commentator.

I realized that Limbaugh and his ilk are entertainers.

Like Jon Stewart (but less funny).
They not only don't care about this country, they are willing to tear it apart for a buck.

That is exactly what they are doing.
Starting right now, I am going to do my best to ignore all the right wing entertainers.

01 February 2007

Turn your lights off at 7:45 tonight!

At 7:45 tonight, Feb. 1st turn off your lights. Turn off your computer. Turn off EVERYTHING. Just bask in the glow of the moon, the stars, some candles, whatever... as long as it doesn't use electricity. Just for five minutes.

Why Today?

On February 1st, the United Nations is publicizing the newest results and knowledge base on climate change.

So yes, it's a statement to the government(s) that changing the climate for the better should be a priority. This is a worldwide campaign, even if it lasts only 5 minutes.

*Thursday, February 1st, between 7:45 and 8:00 YOUR LOCAL TIME (don't worry yourself with those silly time zones!).