21 September 2006

The new Dr. Who series

I recently got the new Dr. Who series, and Anne and I have been watching it.

Oh. My. God. Is it good.

It's really really good.

I never had much respect for the Daleks before. Any major villan that can be defeated by a stair is not worthy of too much respect.
There are some Daleks in the new series. They're damn scary.

Woo! New Dr. Who!

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Anonymous said...

My dad used to grab his thoat and jiggle it around saying, "We will extermininate!!!" Just to annoy us kids.

You make me want to join netflixs to I can get all the episodes. I think the sci-fi channel, every once in a while, plays epidsodes of the New Dr. Who.

Maybe i'll catch some of the episodes..