12 November 2007

Downtown ride, pt. 2

Read my previous entry first!!

After we got finished downtown, Anne and I decided that we didn't want to be done. We rode around aimlessly for a bit, then we decided to head up to the Delmar loop. I enjoy the loop, the only downside is that it is full of hipsters. I have little patience for many of these hipsters.
However, I do enjoy the loop. We rode to the far end and got some bubble tea. Yum, bubble tea. It's like drinking sweet iced tea, but big chewy lumps periodically shoot up your straw and try to kill you. Really, it's a good time. I'm pretty glad that the bubble tea joint is so far from home, as it's expensive, and I would want it all the time if it was handy.
Not much is harder than riding a bike one handed in crowded traffic while negotiating with an open drink in the other hand when that drink is doing it's best to kill you, so we parked our bikes. Adequately armed with our semi-lethal drinks, we felt ready to venture to the den of hippies surrounding the drum circle in a small plaza. There were some folks dancing around, and some hippies drumming. About like you might expect from a drum circle. We watched a guy dancing with flaming batons, which was pretty cool. The pictures turned out Very cool.

Feeling peckish, it was decided that Thai soup was the better part of valor. Boba were chewed, cups discarded, bikes recovered, traffic braved, Thai restaurants located, and soup ordered. Hot Thai soup is brilliant stuff. I must learn to make it.

All thing must eventually end, and the dark and cold finally drove us in the direction of home. We took Skinker over to Lindell, then cut through Forest Park some distance. Anne decided our lights were inadequate to cut through the park fully, so we took a more typical route homewards.

All in all, it was a great (and impromptu) time. I'm glad that I had the camera, as it spurred on the blog entry.

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