18 February 2008

House buying joy!

We went on the final walk through yesterday morning, and we have the closing on the house tomorrow morning. Wargh! or something.

It's extremely awesome! Very small. The upstairs is actually somewhat smaller than our apartment. The full basement makes up for that, but we're apparently getting a ping-pong table. (!)
There are more pictures on my flickr account. (see side bar)


Wendy said...

Sweet! I'm very happy for you guys!

Josh said...

Congratulations, Brian!!

That's an awesome place you got there.

Stacey said...

This is so exciting! Stephen and I have the painting and building shit thing down if you need any help on painting or projects. We've spent the Winter thus far on such things... and the weather is still cold and ugh, so we're at your disposal. :)