18 March 2008

Unending rain!

Well, for an update; I drove to work last Wednesday, then it did Not rain on Thursday. Anne and I went on a lovely ride, going many places. Among others, we went to the Delmar loop, and stopped to get bubble tea!
I loves me some bubble tea.

Unfortunately, it has rained pretty much since then. Bleh!
I find it to be pretty difficult to get organized to go bike commuting to work when I know it's raining before I leave. :P That means I've been driving more than I like this week.

Also, this week we go to summer hours here at lovely TC. That means a return of the 10 hour days I love so much. So much. Or not. bleah. 10 hour days.


FelletBrazing said...

Yea man, commuting has sucked lately. Even five miles each way is kind of a bummer when I know I'll ride in the rain the whole way, both ways.

On a side note, how are things going? I forgot your e-mail, so I figured I'd catch you here.

Anonymous said...

..... and still more rain! I think of you and Anne often during the rain, wondering if you are biking in it. :)