23 April 2008

Friends visiting and camping

Last night, our good friend Shaun came to crash on our couch!
We hadn't seen him in a while, and it was good to catch up. He had what was basically a 11 hour layover in St. Louis, so we only got to visit a little and sleep, but it was good.

Also, Anne finishes her Masters exams tomorrow (!!!!) so we're going camping this weekend!
We haven't decided where yet, but we're going!

Hopefully (unlike usual) I will manage to take some pictures this time. Our big ride this past Sunday including the Riverfront trail, Laclede's landing, and Earth day? We took the camera, but nary a photo. Really, I need to figure out a better plan.
It happens all the time, I'm riding, and I say "wow, that would be a good picture, but I'm having fun riding, I don't want to stop."
Thus, No pictures.

Well, maybe I'll do better this time.

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