16 May 2008

bike to work day=Fail.

I totally failed to ride in to work today. I saw a few commuters, but not me.

"why, oh, why didn't you ride your bike to work today, of all days?" you may ask. Well, I say, I had a decent excuse.
My commuting bike was at work already, so I couldn't very well ride it in.

Anne and I had the day off yesterday, so we went to Columbia to visit some friends Wednesday night, and spent some time wandering our old stomping grounds yesterday. I rode in to work Wednesday, then Anne picked me up so we could fly straight to "college town, USA" asap.
The original plan had been to spend a couple days bike touring and camping in the Columbia region, but it transpired that I would have to work on Friday. So, the plan morphed into taking a ride around Columbia on Thursday. Then it was going to be cold and rain on Thursday, so we wound up at the last minute not even taking our bikes with us to spare them the sitting out in the rain and not being ridden they would have been subjected to.

So, in the end, Stupid.

Hopefully, you managed to bike to work today, doing a better job of it than I.

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