19 November 2008

Coffee bikes and juries.

Many updates to be had.
I had jury duty last week. They kept me for a couple of days, then they let me go without being on a jury. The defendant beat up his girlfriend, including using a bat. (!) she wants to go back to him, so the defense really needs to appeal to the emotions of the jury. I think they threw anyone off who seemed smart. Ah, well. I served my civic duty anyway. Yay civic duty!

A new opportunity came my way last week also. I'm a barista at Northwest Coffee now. I'm working at Velocity part time on bikes, and at Northwest instead of my cafe shifts. This is awesome. I'll get to learn how to repair espresso machines, and Eric (the boss at NW) knows more about the science of coffee than about anybody. That will be great.

That's all for now. Really it's not, I have lots to say, but I'm busy. :P

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Wendy said...

Yay for jury duty. Scary that you were almost picked for a criminal trial. I was picked for a medical malpractice trial a few years ago; it was very interesting- like being in school again. But then they settled on the last day so I didn't have to make any hard decisions.

Congrats on new job #2. I'll have to stop by and get a coffee once Margot is out.