18 February 2009

print cartoons

Print cartoons just aren't funny anymore.
I don't understand. I used to love the comics in newspapers, but they are not funny anymore. They're just dumb. Is it me? is it them? I can't tell. At any rate, it makes me feel old and sad when I read the comics in the newspaper.
On the other hand, I love a bunch of web comics. I think all of the good cartoonists are heading to the web these days.


Wendy said...

I think that after decades of reading them, they all start to seem like you've read them before. Or just that they've stopped coming up with good story lines. Take 'Get Fuzzy'.. I used to love it and now I can't stand it!

The Beautiful Kind said...

It's not you, it's them. They are lame and this is another example of something that is passe'. Like magazines.

I saw a funny theory once that suggested that each Garfield strip is funnier if you remove Garfield from it, and it's true!