26 October 2006


To compensate for my not posting much lately, I'm posting twice in one day!
So, I like Flickr! I liked it so much I started an account. my Flickr account is here
You can see many cool pictures that I am too lazy to post on my blog.

Here you can see pictures from my friend Laminator_X. He's very cool, and a much much better photographer than I am. Well, he's a very good photographer, and I have a camera.

I hope that I manage to keep up on the whole Flickr thing, it could easily become a big catalogue of armour I have made that anybody can look at. That would be pretty great. I might have to start doing some photo editing to mark my photos, though. That would be a pain in the butt, and sort of sad. So I'm not going to start now, I think.

I'm Brian Romine and I approve this message.

Here it's election season, I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Blogger doesn't make it easy to upload a lot of pictures onto blogs.

Love the nature pics. And the one with Anne in the orangey art. She was very triangle-esque, which fit the rest of the pic. :)

Heaumer001 said...

"very triangle-esque?" WTF? What does that even mean? I've been wanting to go into that picture, and lower the color saturation, it seems to orange to me.

Anonymous said...

:) For your face, I can visualize a triangle, radiating with a point from your chin back towards the left side of the picture, and you are already sitting in a very angular space.

Have you ever looked in art books where perspectives and the focus of the painting are drawn with weird little lines (artificially)........so your face was the focus of the picture, your chin being part of the point of a triangle, whose base was part of the metal structure you were in.

Heaumer001 said...

Ah. I see.
Thank you. :)