26 October 2006

Armour of the Month

I entered the Armour Archive “Armour of the month” contest in October!

The piece I entered was the 1050 legs that I made for Duke Garrick.

I'm in the five finalists, but I'm not going to win.
I'm okay with that. You can see the finalists here

The bascinet that is going to win should, It is the nicest piece in the contest. You don't see reproductions of that visor very often.

This has been fun. I think I may enter again.


1 comment:

Anne said...

I looked. You're right; the bascinet should win. The cervellière was a cool idea, and those are certainly rare in reproduction. Did you tell me Mad Matt made the breastplate? It's certainly much nicer than any of his other work I've seen. Apart from wanting to serve as SCA kidney protection, I have no complaints about it. Your legs are my favorite, though.