27 February 2007


My brother in law, Mark, has gotten us excited about sushi. He has made it for us a few times.
So, Anne and I have been making sushi some. I took some pictures last time.

This was the first time we made Sashimi, which is sushi with fish. The pink bits there are the tuna. Raw tuna is much different than the stuff out of the can. It's very good, and very tender. Yum!

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty set-up. Is that a jar of pickled ginger on your table? Looks oddly familiar.... :)

Good for you for doing the raw tuna. I accidentally dropped a piece of very nice tuna when I was in Japan at a party Sony was hosting...... my host family was with me, and saw me nearly puke when I tried eating the raw fish. It was a very emberassing moment.

I was watching a foodTV show, where you could buy bento boxes of candied suchi....... it looked very real (esp. the jelly fish eggs). Much more my sort of sushi... but probably a lot less healthy. :)