18 April 2007

stupid crap!

So, I started an entry on Friday, but I was unable to complete it until today.
On Thursday, I started going around with resumes looking for a job.
On Friday morning, the first place I stopped, they offered me one!
Damn! I couldn't believe my luck. The guy (the owner) told me that I was hired, and I could start Monday.
On Monday morning, I filled out some tax forms and waited to see where I would go. This place is a small chain, and they have stores across the greater St. Louis area.
After an excessive amount of rigmarole, which I won't go into here, now I'm "probably hired"

What kind of BS is that, I ask you!?
and what does "probably hired" mean anyway?

So, for the past couple of days, I've been alternating between being frustrated, depressed and very angry. I'm only now clear and calmed enough to post. I'm not sure exactly what I ought to do now, but this morning I got back on the horse and went around to another couple places.

I guess in the long run, this place may only have been a minor hitch in job hunting, but... Goddamit!

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