06 April 2007


Wednesday night, Anne and I played DBA. It was good. We played some Alexandrian Successors.
I used my skirmishers to screen my pikes long enough to form them up from a column, so she couldn't hit me before my pikes were in position. She attempted to flank my pike formation with some light infantry from the south, but I countered that with a unit of Knights. They slaughtered the light troops like nobody's business. My plan had been to flank her forces on the north with my cavalry, but they did not made it through the forest in time. I should have put my light infantry there to filter through the woods.

The battle was won and lost by control of the flanks. Giant pike blocks basically have big shoving matches. Nobody will really win if both sides have some movement points to throw around.

So, it was a good time. Yay wargaming!

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