24 September 2007

Diner with friends!

Last night, Anne and I had dinner over at a friends house, it was a really good time.
We ate some steak and some asparagus, then we had some hanging out.
Stephen and Stacey are very cool, and Stacey has a blog. You should read it.
When you work most Saturdays, weekends are different. I have off Sunday and Monday this week. So, yesterday was "Saturday" and today is "Sunday" Very confusing as it's actually Monday. I can never quite remember what day it is anymore.

If Anne and I really lucky, we'll have some friends come this coming weekend. I haven't seen them in what seems like a long time. Miranda and Shaun are also very cool. And Miranda has a blog. Also on blogspot, go figure.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures from our camping trip last weekend up soon.

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