24 September 2007

Camping Trip pictures

We got some decent pictures from our camping trip the other weekend. We didn't make it as far as we had intended. We got a late start Friday night, and it was very cold. Saturday was beautiful, but we suffered technical difficulties. I broke a spoke on my bike almost immediately. Unfortunate. It took much of the day to get it fixed. We decided to hang around in Dutzow to watch the Tour of Missouri. That was great! I'm really glad that we got to see it.

More pictures on Flickr! Go see them.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the spoke. It seems as if your vacation turned into another "day at the shop." However, it seems, too, that you had some grand scenery to inspire you as you worked. :)

I'll give you a call on Wednesday / Thursday night about the weekend! Joy!

Heaumer001 said...

Well, Ironically, I had a couple spokes with me, but was not able to do the work myself. I lacked some of the necessary tools. We had a bike shop fix it.