03 December 2007

Yesterday's ride

Inspired by my friend, Gina,(who is a much better photographer than I) I went on a ride around the Central West End yesterday. It was really nice out when I left, and I was having such a good time riding around that I mostly forgot to get around to taking pictures. I posted what I did take on my flickr page. At one point, I watched yesterday's cold front coming in. I foolishly stood and looked and toop pictures when I should have been rushing for cover.
Needless to point out, I got teh soaked!1!
Once I was totally soaked, I sought refuge under a bank awning. When I thought the rain had let up a little, I decided to rush to the safety of home. I had been enjoying my ride, and wandering a bit, and I was in the "Fountain park" neighborhood which was quite a bit further north than I had really intended to go. (I was at about Boyle and Page)

But! As Bilbo Baggins famously pointed out, "Adventures can't all be spring time pony rides."

It was all in all a good time. It's good to be remided once in a while that a little rain and cold won't hurt anybody. Also, a little adversity makes you appreciate your post-ride coffee all the more.

Picture of me seeking shelter under a bank awning. the picture doesn't convey my cold misery very well, but I kind of like it anyway.

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You need glassses with mini-windshield wipers.