31 August 2008

bad drivers

Something somewhat refreshing happened to me today.
Some jerk yelled stupid things at me from his car. I don't really mind, I hope that he recovers from his road rage and feels bad. Maybe even that he grows up a little. Jerks yelling from their cars has never bothered me much when I'm on my bike. I dunno why, but they don't.

He was not even the jerkiest person to yell at me ever, or the most random. That goes to the guy in the old T-bird who yelled "get on the sidewalk you faggot!" at me one day as I was heading up a hill. I wasn't in his way or anything. I mean, top that.

Okay, I've dwelled on this jerk long enough. I'm done.

If you've got anything choice that someone has yelled, I'd like to hear about it.


Political Dissident said...


I like to enquire if you still make armour.

And being a cyclist myself... I quite understand your predicament. Just stay off the busy roads.

Heaumer001 said...

nope. I hurt my elbow a couple years ago, and wound up selling most of my tools. I work in a bike shop now. I still have some contacts in armouring, shoot me an email with what you're looking for, and I can point you towards a good armourer.