13 May 2009

5 star day?

My horoscope tells me that I'll have a five star day today. Well, truthfully, some schmo wrote it in the newspaper, my coworker Joe read about it, and relayed the information to me.
So, to be more accurate, I have it on very poor authority via a game of telephone that I will have a five star day today.

So far, unexpectedly, this assessment seems thus far to be accurate.

It looks like it might thunderstorm, and a ride home in the rain is a good way to well, rain on anyones parade.

On the (very) bright side, according to the plan, Anne finishes her semester later today. She's grading finals even as I type. Hooray! Unbelievably exciting.

Not really too much excitment other than that, except we've decided on a time and place for our next bike tour. We're going to take the train to Sedalia and ride home via the Katy trail at the end of the summer session. So, we have a couple months to be excited and plan and train. Big projects = Good stuff. Should be more on that later.

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