05 May 2009

conclusion of my project

The communications project ended on Sunday. I still have some letters to write, but other than that it is finished.

I have some thoughts about it, and how it worked. The first (and main) conclusion that I came to is that, like it or not, human communications have changed. You can like it or opt out. Opting out leaves you sort of "out of the loop" in many goings on.
Many of our gadgets (cell phones, email etc) are tools. Phones in particular, I found to be difficult to go without. It made many of my operations much more difficult to organize.
Email likewise, a useful tool. There is something about a physical letter that is lost in an email, but email is certainly more useful for instant communications.
One aspect I did not miss at all was internet chatting. I don't do that very often, but I don't think it's a useful way to communicate with other people. I think I'll give that up.

The big things I think I've decided from this project are as follows.
1. I should try to get together with my friends more often. Based on that, I am going to make an effort to be "at home" to visitors more of the time. Mainly Monday afternoon and evening, Tuesday afternoon, and Friday afternoon and evenings, you should feel free to stop by my house. I'll generally be home (feel free to call to see if I'm home) but I really mean it, feel free to stop by.
2. Letters are good. If you write me a letter, I'll do my very best to answer it. I am going to try to write letters to my friends and family.
3. I have the best wife ever. Thanks for being so supportive, Anne!

As a side note, I drove 6 miles last week, and that was 100% because I felt like going for a drive. Yay, My team!

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