06 March 2007

Don't you cry my darling, we'll always have Stalingrad.

I wrote a big diatribe on High School, but then I deleted it because the whole point of my diatribe was how stupid it is to reminisce about your days of being socially snubbed.

Instead, I posted a line of lyrics from a band I really like.
Kudos if you can guess the band!

(I said "guess", so you don't get a vote, Jon)

Also, and very cool. I taught myself how to make origami cranes on Sunday evening.


Anonymous said...

Cranes rock. :) What brought on the thoughts of high school? Several of my classmates e-mai.led me a month or so ago .... I'm supposed to be organizing a class reunion next year...... and every ten years later, until the day I die..........

Heaumer001 said...

Get out of it!
Class reunion? Run fast! Run hard!
I would like to see approx. 2 people from my HS class. The other 166? Not so much. Few things are quite so horrid as class reunions.

Why did I think of it? An article on NPR. Why I think of most things...