28 October 2007

Dirk Gently's couch.

You know that sounds bad.

Anne and I picked up our new couch yesterday morning. It was bigger than expected...
In fact, too big to go up our stupid stairs. We tried everything we could think of. We got some helpers. (thanks, David and Aaron!) but, alas, to no avail.
I guess its our own fault. We really wanted a couch we could lay out on, but for some reason, most couches are 5' 11" long. This one was ~6'4", which was great. But it made the whole thing 8' long, and a bout 3" too long to ever fit inside.

In the end, we were forced to return the couch. We moved the old one back into the living room and lounged around for a couple hours before the party we wanted to go to.

The whole couch episode took ~6 hours, and we have the old couch here in the living room.


On the other hand, the parties were great! We saw lots of people we don't see very often. Anne went as "Tank Girl" which was awesome. There was another girl dressed as Strawberry Shortcake, which was also splendid. My favorite though, one girl dressed as Hwy 40. It was very good.

I have work today, but then, we're going over to Jon and Wendy's for supper. I'm looking forward to that. They're good people and cool.

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Wendy said...

I am SO ice cold cool