04 October 2007

Stop polluting my Interwebs! Someone might believe you!

I have just been reading the website of a custom bicycle manufacturer. I'm in favor of custom frames for bikes. I'm in favor of small manufacturers. I'm in favor of things made in the USA.
I used to think well of Rivendell.
I once had a high opinion of both them and their bikes. It turns out that they are in fact more like the Blankenshield of bicycles. And their new website is ugly and hard to navigate. The have a lot of misinformation on their site, and seem to enjoy being a voice crying in the wilderness. They follow some very uncommon standards, not because they are better, but because they are not popular.
In some cases this is okay. In some bad (650B wheels) and in some really bad (threaded headsets) This will make anyone who has a Rivendell less happy with their bike. 650B tires are hard to get in most places. Much more so if you don't want to race. 650B wheels are usually ot of stock with bike shops's suppliers. Meaning that Rivendell is the only place to get them, really.
Don't get me started on 1" threaded headsets! When working at the Bicycle works, I came across Tons of threaded headsets that had rusted in, and will never come out of the head tube again. That meanst that the headset can Never be overhauled. Just one of the problems inherent in threaded headsets, and half the reason the Rest of the World moved away from them.
There are NO benefits to these non-standard parts choices. It's just the same foul thing that Trek and Cannondale do. Making their parts proprietary so only they can replace them.
Seems shitty to me.
I've also been reading about their opinions of tires and pressure. Totally bollocks. I tend to agree that on the narrow extreme, tires will run roughly on rough surfaces. On the other hand, having personally ridden a bike with low pressure in the tires and adequate pressure in the last week it makes a HUGE difference! You can run really wide low pressure tires if you dont' want to get anywhere, or you can run some sensible not fat tires at a decent pressure. Then you'll have a good balance of comfort, stability, and speed. Then you wont' be tired in a mile.
Their essay about clipless pedals is just dumb. It doesn't rise to the level of bolloks or misinformation. Just dumbness. It seems unlikely that anyone is confused about platform pedals being better for much. I am a big fan of toe-clips, and really, if you ride around, then put on some toe-clips, you can tell they are loads better than platforms. I don't understand why anyone is confused, about that, or why anyone not in BMX would use platform pedals.
Sorry about my incredibly long rant about a company you've probably never heard of, but well, Grump! Stop polluting my interwebs with your misiformation! Someone might believe you!

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