02 October 2007

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

The past week has been really good.
I'm possibly getting a promotion at work. Contingent on finding someone to fill my current position, I'll be the manager of a store I like quite a bit better than the one I'm at now.
I've been invited to another crazy cup drinking party by my friends Steven and Stacey. The one last year was a really good party. Replete with life-size Jenga, fun folks, and gallons of good beer. It turns out also, that some friends I havn't seen much of in the past year or so are also invited. I had no idea that they knew Steven and Stacey. They can't go to the crazy cup party, but I was prompted to email her based on that. I should send her a link to my blog.
I had the best time I can imagine last weekend when some friends came to visit (see previous post) I may well have been a bit too stunned to say so at the appropriate moment, but I'm saying it now. "Last weekend was a Great time!" Could not have been better.
And, probably goes without saying, but Anne is the best friend/partner/wife anybody could ask for. No, she's "all that and a bag of chips" as the vernacular goes. (or possibly went) I don't mean to go on all sticky-sweet about Anne, but sometimes I can't help it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having Shaun and me over for a visit this past weekend! I had such a wonderful time, and I'm sure Shaun would say the same. ;) I'm thinking of cooking lentils for you on Friday. Let me know if you'll be coming for supper.

James.hille said...

I guess you got the right things which you want.. You may get more and more and I wish for that.